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Samson Investment Fund I, LLC our first Private Equity Fund, was established in the difficult economy of 2008, for the acquisition of small multi-family properties in the greater Los Angeles area. Through our extensive real estate broker/agent network, years of real estate experience and relationships, Accredited Investors gained access to excellent investment properties that would otherwise have been difficult to acquire, if not altogether unobtainable.

Our Mission was to provide accredited investors an opportunity to own income producing real estate by investing in multifamily apartment buildings in greater Los Angeles, California.

Our Goal was to acquire privately owned and operated multi-family apartment buildings and implement an “Economies of Scale” property management.

Our Vision was that Los Angeles was facing an escalating affordable housing crisis with low housing affordability, elevated delinquencies and foreclosures. Accordingly, the Los Angeles Market was well positioned for small multi-family investment at the time as indicated in the chart below reflecting multifamily construction starts driven by increasing demand and rental prices

grphIncreased demand for rental housing, accompanied by a steep rise in rents in the urban city-center areas of Los Angeles County, caused Multi-family construction starts to jump significantly.

Today, in order to better serve those who wish to have their own private individually structured entities through which to invest, Samson works closely with Family Offices and those with Self Directed IRAs or other retirement vehicles through its Private Client Group, where you will receive the personal attention and expertise of our dedicated team of professionals, plus access to a broad range of real estate, energy or alternative investment opportunities that will help fulfill your long-term financial goals.

To receive future Accredited Investor Opportunities in off-market real estate or alternative asset investments, call or E-mail Samson General Counsel Brian M. Grossman with your accredited investor status or ask to receive an Accredited Investor Certification Form. Upon receipt and acceptance, we will send you a complete list of currently available opportunities.

From The Executive Director

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Samson Investment Funds, part of the ever growing Samson Investment Group Family of Private Equity Funds and Services. We take pride in our quick response to investor needs and offer you a time-honored tradition of service, backed by our network of professionals. Our vision is of a bigger and better future, and every day we work toward expanding our horizons and exploring new ways of serving our investors, while maximizing their returns in a safe and secure manner.

Samson Investment Funds range from specialty funds such as our Los Angeles area apartment building acquisition fund, which allowed investors a direct diversified income producing real estate ownership opportunity in one of the most robust apartment markets in the United States, to funds crafted for specific purposes in technology, energy and healthcare.

In today’s volatile investment climate, we recommend direct ownership of income producing real estate and feel it represents a sensible and safe diversification of assets. Our new Private Client Group affords you an opportunity to diversify your portfolio by investing in income producing real estate or other alternate asset classes through a Self-directed IRA, Family Office or your own specially tailored Private Investment Fund.


F. Michael Brovsky
Executive Director
Samson Investment Funds
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