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In 2005, Samson Investment Group formed its Merchant Banking Division, an independent consortium of funds and facilitators managed by F. Michael Brovsky, Samson’s Executive Director. The mission of Merchant Banking is to craft various private placements, alternative investments and employ a more comprehensive philosophy in the acquisition and funding of varied projects. By utilizing creative investment strategies and transaction structures, assets can be prudently leveraged to increase funding capabilities, mitigate risk, and increase the overall rate of return. In addition, we are able to secure significant capital through private investment funds and other financial institutions by crafting blended portfolio, convertible debt, and other investment structures that support the hallmark of our investment strategy: risk management and preservation of capital. Our merchant banking involves many activities including advisory services, portfolio and asset management, mergers and acquisitions counseling, equity and debt real estate financing, as well as hard money loans for difficult to fund projects.

Featured Transactions of each Year:

2005, the Merchant Banking Division facilitated its first major transaction; the $34,000,000 acquisition of the Viansa Winery and Italian Marketplace in Sonoma, California for a corporate client.

2006, negotiations were successfully concluded with the General Electric Company for the acquisition of their wholly owned subsidiary, the Springer Mining Company, a 2800 acre Tungsten mine and processing facility in Nevada, with an estimated replacement value in excess of $100, 000,000. The mine and its associated mill facilities were conceptually developed in the late seventies and constructed the early eighties. The facility was developed as a source of tungsten for GE’s light bulb business and other uses. It was subsequently sold by Samson to a public company.

2007, Samson entered into an agreement to acquire Warburn Estate Winery, PTY, located near Griffith in New South Wales, in the centre of a large grape-growing and agricultural region, about 600 kilometers from Sydney, Australia. The winery’s outstanding success in the Australian and international wine market has been achieved through producing award winning wines that combine traditional winemaking with innovative production technology. The winery estate consisted of in excess of 1,000 hectares under vine, a crush capacity of 80,000 tons and tank storage for 70 million liters of wine.

2008, Samson entered into an Agreement to acquire Neqtar Wines PTY, a historic winery that has a heritage that dates back to 1881. From humble and early beginnings, this winery evolved into a modern day facility with a forty thousand ton crush capacity and 42,000,000 liters of storage. The award winning wines produced here are exported throughout the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Asia, and Canada. In October of 2008, Samson entered into a Designation, Assignment and Assumption agreement to a public company, assigning all rights acquired under the March agreement in exchange for shares and warrants.

2009, Samson through its Samson Acquisition Corp. entered into definitive agreements to acquire three premier New Zealand wineries located in Blenheim, NZ, Renwick, NZ and Nelson, NZ. These wineries formed the corpus of what was to become the New Zealand Wine Group, which was acquired from Samson later in the year by the Saint James Company.

2010, Samson Investment Group entered into an agreement to provide equity and debt financing for Studio City Louisiana, a one hundred million dollar 135 acre film, television, digital media and recording studio complex on the Mississippi River, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Studio City will be a 28 building Multi acre state of the art facility of 565,000 square feet with 8 stages, including a mega stage of 50,000 square feet; 200,000 square feet of full support facilities for any size production and has garnered major support from the Louisiana State Film Commission, as well as the Hollywood Film Industry.

2011, Samson, an early stage investor, was elected Managing Member of a new alternative energy company called Allos Energy, LLC. The company successfully completed a private placement under SEC regulation D for its licensed proprietary technology using a Gas Letdown Generator, which converts pressure to clean power. For the first time, the wasted kinetic energy existing in gas pipelines throughout the world can be converted to clean, base-load power with the lowest capital and lowest operating costs of any generation technologies, and no carbon emissions. The system consumes no fossil fuel and mitigates tons of CO2 with terawatts of distributed electricity or emergency power immediately available utilizing existing infrastructure.

2012, as an outgrowth of its traditional real estate based investments, Samson, through its Samson Energy Group, began to identify mineral lease acquisition opportunities in certain oil rich regions of the United States and to craft tax advantaged Drilling & Acquisition Funds to monetize those opportunities. Drilling projects included Colorado’s lucrative Wattenberg Field in the ever expanding Wattenberg/DJ Basin area in Northeastern Colorado, the leading productive field in Colorado and one of the top 10 oil & natural gas fields in the U.S

2013, 2014, Samson re-focused its efforts on clean energy initiatives and was a co-founder and early stage investor in an entity called Anax Holdings, LLC, whose purpose was to research and develop the best technology available to produce electricity from waste pressure and waste heat found in our natural gas pipelines. Our research efforts included the discovery of a proprietary gas lubricated bearing technology from the UK that solidified our belief that a superior electricity solution could be developed. From these research and development advantages, the Anax Star Turbo Expander® (ASTE) was born. An initial private placement was accomplished in 2013 followed by $2.2M ‘A’ round of funding which closed in late December of 2014, with an east coast broker dealer as placement agent.

Early Design Rendering. Final build photographs will not be released until testing is concluded

2015 features MINNO, a new technology company who manufactures high performance customer customized Android and Windows based mobile devices (tablets and phones) at an attractive price point, enabling volume adoption for education, enterprise, and government applications worldwide. Customers are supported with customer service, device management, product protection plans, and custom software content. MINNO focuses on under-served markets (Eastern Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia) where Internet penetration lags by working with local partners to assemble devices from SKD kits supplied by Minno. Assembly partnerships exploit the best of elements of localization and globalization. Regional production creates strong brand identity and pride that can capture market opportunities colored by economic nationalism, politics, and local content preferences. Samson is providing a private equity and debt facility for the enterprise.


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