Christian W. Johnson

Christian W. Johnson, Project Director for Samson Investment Group, LLC, began his academic endeavors with a scholarship to Marquette University in 1964, culminating in 1968 at the Oberlin Conservatory, where he studied classical violin. Mr. Johnson pursued a musical career in both classical and contemporary formats until 1985.

As an avid collector of old master paintings (esp. Van Dyke, Hals and Heade), Mr. Johnson began representing various collectors worldwide, working closely with Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction emporiums in New York City. His passion for art became an avocation, as he developed a lucrative business buying and selling works of art, as well as augmenting his personal portfolio.

By the early 1990’s it became advisable for Mr. Johnson to diversify his holdings. His past associations allowed him to expand business opportunities in the areas of financial services, natural resources, technology and real estate.

In 2001, Mr. Johnson acquired a major shareholder position in a southern California real estate company featuring a diverse portfolio of real estate assets. Today he serves as Samson Investment Group’s Project Director with a special emphasis on Texas real estate.

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