About Samson

Samson Investment Group LLC, through an extensive network of strategic relationships developed over the past decade, is able to facilitate a broad range of projects. Our management team of seasoned professionals represent over 100 years of experience in real estate, merchant banking, brokerage and finance. Samson is capable of creating multidimensional financial mechanisms involving a seamless alliance of financiers, monetary funds, bankers, concessionaires, commercial agents, financial agents, mortgage brokers, financial brokers and advisors. Click on the Directors photographs to learn more “About Samson” 

Samson’s Real Estate Group specializes in off-market domestic and international real estate through their Off-Market Platform, including debt acquisition, restructuring, servicing and disposition. Their expertise encompasses a broad range of real estate categories, including residential, commercial, and hospitality.  The development division of Samson has successfully identified, acquired and developed diverse real estate projects, maximized their value with creative conceptualization of the highest and best usage for the marketplace, and brought that visualization to fruition by working closely with city, county and state governments in order to assure proper rezoning, entitlement and development protocol. See “Featured Projects Section”

Samson’s Merchant Banking Group invests in early stage companies and crafts various private placements and offerings, employing a comprehensive philosophy in the development and funding of a variety of projects. By utilizing innovative investment strategies and transaction structures in order to prudently leverage our assets, we have managed to increase funding capabilities, mitigate risk, and increase our overall rate of return.  In addition, we are able to secure significant capital through other financial institutions and private equity funds by crafting “blended portfolio” investments, often in concert with major insurance and reinsurance companies. Risk management and preservation of capital are the hallmarks of our investment strategy. This strategy manifests itself in the success of our proprietary Samson Investment Funds. See “Merchant Banking” and “Investment Funds” Sections

Samson Investment Group, LLC is not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Adviser. All traditional banking and securities brokerage functions are facilitated by Samson through major institutional banking and brokerage entities.

For more information, contact F. Michael Brovsky, Executive Director or our Corporate Counsel Brian M. Grossman.

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